Stray Consequences

Life was great for Joe Tolono who had left a successful banking career to enjoy an even more successful private security firm.

The most unexpected thing happened to Joe, however, when that fateful call on a beautiful Sunday afternoon reminded him that his past had come back to haunt him and threaten to throw his life into upheaval.

His lack of choices were clear: be part of a team that would kidnap and kill a top political candidate and let a known murderer get away with it yet again, or stand back and watch as his wife and daughter got slaughtered.

Faced with an impossible choice and his back against the wall, and with only a few days to make his decision, can he find a way to save his family without committing murder, or will his nemesis get away yet again?

J. Michael successfully weaves an intriguing tale of deceit, pressure and blackmail in this sequel to critically acclaimed ‘If Only’.

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